Belarus Drone Racing World Cup

Minsk, Drone Track Borovaya


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2019 Final Race & Emotions
Borovaya Drone Track 360 Panorama (click the image to browse panorama)


July 25th - 26th 2020 Belarussian Federation of Air Sports (BFAS) will host the second official FAI F9U (previously F3U) World Cup event in Belarus at Drone Track Borovaya. We expect a wide variety of pilots from different countries and with different skill levels competing for FAI F9U World Cup points.

Event participation fee is 30€ (EUR) for Seniors and 15€ (EUR) for Juniors paid in cash at the event venue during attendance registration/drone technical inspection.

Registration will open in April.


Drone Track Borovaya is an area allocated for FPV racing (F9U classification by FAI). The track is organized and constructed by Belarussian Federation of Air Sports and DR1.by community.

  • Security zone for pilots is established
  • Access to electricity is available (220V)
  • Equipped with Lap Timing hardware and software
  • Located close to city highways
  • Supermarket, Gas station, Cafes available close by
  • Accessible 24×7 free of charge


Click on the image to zoom Venue map. Free parking is available at the venue and does not require prior registration. A number of fast food cafes are available at the A100 gas station located 200 meters from the drone track.

During the event, cookies, cold and hot drinks will be proposed by the organizers. Electricity (220V) and WIFI will always be available for pilots.

Be aware that access to the pilot’s zone will be restricted to registered pilots and it’s registered supporters and technicians.

Software & Hardware

RICE is an application that makes organizing drone racing event seamless. It helps to keep the event dense, and the jury and pilots are always aware of the condition, process, and results of the race. RICE uses Chorus RF Laptimer as timing equipment, controls start and finish lights, provides sound notifications. It is able to automatically record DVR for all heats and the jury can watch it easily at any time.

Chorus RF Laptimer — open-source VTx Radio Frequency Lap Timing solution for drone racers. Works with any FPV drone equipped with 5.8Ghz video transmitter. Easily expandable for tracking 1 to 8+ simultaneously racing drones. Supports wired or wireless connection to PC or mobile (iOS & Android). Supported by RICE, LiveTime, raceGOD and RotorMatch event organization software. An affordable choice for both single pilot trainings and racing events organization.

Race Information Control Equipment (RICE) + Chorus RF Laptimer. Actively used in all Belarusian drone racing events since 2018.

Contact: secretary[at]bfas.by
Anton Bystrov
Organizer, BFAS General Secretary
Contact: yurymhlp[at]gmail.com
Yury Mikhalap
Race Director
For questions, information and race updates, please join our telegram channel: t.me/fai_world_cup_belarus


Registration will be opened in April!

Registration is closed

Please fill in the form below for registration. Be aware that access to the pilot’s zone will be restricted to registered pilots and their registered supporters and technicians.

Event participation fee is 30€ (EUR) for Seniors and 15€ (EUR) for Juniors, paid in cash at the event venue during attendance registration/drone technical inspection. No fee is required for supporters and technicians.

We invite all pilots and their supporters to register for barbeque afterparty that will take place end of day 1. Afterparty is subject of an additional 10 euro/person costs paid by cash.

The event has reached its maximum number of pilots and registration is now closed. Please message to organizers to be added to the waitlist.









Registered pilots

Registration will open in April.

Nickname Name Country
Tope Tomass Pētersons
ARMIS Arminas Volskis
JOONFPV Joonweon Choi
Gen.f Gennady Fomin
NiFkaa Kirill Fedukovich
ZTK Mantas Žitkus
Dronius Gennadii Kondratiev
VinT Vitali Parazenka
KP Kristaps Pētersons
KKG Konstantin Kosolapov
301Rig Yuriy Lesyk
tish.a Andrei Tsishyn
Nule Oskars Raudins
G.Key Gustavs Kavacs
vadzzim Vadzim Lukiashka
LIQUIDAS Arvydas Tomkus
Tarantino Alexander Bobakov
AlexeyStn Alexey Stankevich
Alias Yauheni Mikhan
SashPRO Oleksandr Aloshyn
erro Egor Voroshkov
Lexa_S Alexey Sadov
Cpa3y Siarhei Yazhou
Lebeg Aliaksei Vershalovich
jM_45 Jurijs Masaļskis
Aurimas Aurimas Kulokas
Rigidfpv Igor Butseroha
MR1G Maris Brakovskis
natahova Natalie Astakhova
BShep Andrey Voroshkov
KST Kestutis Strimaitis
Vitamin Vitaly Hlembotsky
Gonza Aliaksandr Hancharou
GoRiZ Mantas Naktinis
AM14 Andris Murnieks
HaFPV Arturs Haritonovs
Kotobus Artem Shubin
ALeRT Alexandr Ishutin
Alfik Kiryl Alfiorau
BlackSalami Lauris Pumpurs
Evpatr Aliaksei Mahilnitski
KIKI Kitija Abelite
MMK Martins Kozlovs
KK Kārlis Martinsons
RUBOT Roman Klimov
ViSan Viktar Sanikovich
ElizabethLV Karina limora
BetonFPV Sandis Gedzuns

Travel & Accomodation


The following accommodation option located close to the venue is offered by the organizer at discounted rates:

IT Time Hotel

  • Single room 27 €/night inc. breakfast
  • Twin room 49 €/night inc. breakfast (price for the room, two visitors)

Be sure to book a room at least 20 days before the event to get the discounted room rate.

In order to book a room or request additional information, please contact secretary[at]bfas.by or info[at]bfas.by, +375 29 682 68 15 / +375 17 2510056

Visa to Belarus

Citizens of dozens of countries can take advantage of the 30-day visa-free travel to Belarus (to see the full list of countries, please click here). Foreign nationals may visit any place in Belarus within 30 days of their visa-free stay. However, they must arrive and leave the country only through Minsk National Airport. The visa-free entry rules do not extend to any other international border checkpoints or airports of the country.

Letter of Invitation

After registration and upon request, all foreign pilots can receive a Letter of Invitation for Visa from BFAS.

Download the form for Visa invitation

Please fill out the form and send it to the info[at]bfas.by and copy to secretary[at]bfas.by

Event Schedule

Schedule might change during event based on the pilot amount and in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Day 1 (practice / qualification) — 25.07.2020
  • 10:00 — 12:00 Pilot registration and drone technical inspection
  • 12:00 — 12:30 Briefing
  • 12:30 — 15:00 Practice
  • 15:00 — 16:00 Brake
  • 16:00 — 19:00 Qualification Part 1
  • 19:30 — Barbecue After Party
Day 2 (qualification / elimination / finals) — 26.07.2020
  •     09:00 — 09:30 Briefing
  •     09:30 — 12:00 Qualification Part 2
  •     12:00 — 13:00 Brake
  •     13:00 — 17:30 Elimination stage and finals
  •     18:00 Award ceremony


All rules mentioned in this site are based on Volume F9 Drone Sport 2019 Edition with adjustments and additions where applicable. Participants must follow Volume F9 Drone Sport 2019 EditionCIAM General and rules set by the event organizer.


This competition is part of FAI F9U World Cup so all participants must hold a valid FAI License.

Every drone (which will be used in the event) must be clearly marked (sticker, engraving, etc.) with participants National ID number and FAI License Number/Drone Permission. Text size for these markings should be at least 6mm high.

For the event, each pilot can register and use up to 3 drones. Use of unregistered drones is not allowed! Use of other pilots drones (even registered ones) is not allowed! If you crash all of your allocated drones beyond repair your event run is over.

BE ADVISED: In order to validate license holder event organizers might ask for identification document (ID, driver license, passport, etc.) during attendance registration/drone technical inspection process. Failure to provide information that is needed to validate license holder will be a reason to decline participation!

Participation limits

Currently there are no participation limits although we reserve the right to limit the amount of participants at any time by updating information here. If a participation limit is imposed new participants will be handled on first come first served basis.

Registration deadline is TBD but can be subject to change at a later time.


Personal insurance for Non-Belarus pilots is necessary. Third party insurance policy is recommended. Organizers are not responsible for any damage done during the race to third party property or other persons.


Drone Technical Information

Drones must meet these general requirements:

  • Motor-to-motor (MTM) diagonal distance must not exceed 330mm;
  • Battery voltage must not exceed 25.5v (6s);
  • All-up-weight (AUW) must not exceed 1000g;
  • Propeller diameter must not exceed 6 inches;
  • Metal propellers or any propeller protection devices are not allowed;
  • Each motor can be tilted up to 15° maximum angle in each direction;
  • Only electric motors.
Radio Control System

Participants are allowed to use 2.4Ghz and 868Mhz (Crossfire etc.) radio control systems. Both systems must abide by Belarusian regulations:

  • 2.4Ghz — transmission power during event must not exceed 100mw and must employ Listen Before Talk (LBT). This means that all FrSky systems must use the EU LBT firmware (transmitter and receiver);
  • 868Mhz — transmission power during event must not exceed 25mw and telemetry must be switched off as well as dynamic power.
Video transmission

FPV Community in Belarus carried out a number of tests for Rush FPV video transmitters. We flew various Rush FPV VTXes in combination with TBS Unify products in a group of 4, 6 and 8 pilots. You can find video featuring the test here. Given the success of the test, Rush FPV video transmitters are now permitted for FAI World Cup Belarus 2020.

The full list of video 5.8Ghz transmitters allowed for use during this event includes  TBS Unify, ImmersionRC Tramp, Rush FPV and FuriousFPV Stealth video transmitters in combination with circular polarized antenna. Video transmission must abide by Belarusian regulations:

  • transmission power during the event must not exceed 25mw.

Video transmitters not mentioned above cannot be used during the event. Linear/dipole antennas are not allowed!

NOTE: We reserve the right to add or remove (removal can’t be done less than a month before event) video transmitters from the existing list by updating information here.


Each drone must be equipped with at least 40 RGB LED functioning elements (for example — 8 RGB LED strips containing 5 LED elements each on both side of each arm) which are located under drone arms/body or in the back. These RGB LED elements must be switchable either by hand or electronically to adjust to any of these colors — RED/YELLOW/GREEN/BLUE/CYAN/PURPLE. During flight each color will represent a video frequency.

Drone cannot be used if at the start of flight RGB LED elements are not in working order or pilot is not able to set up the correct color.


Must be set to drop or no pulses. Any last RC input holding or other methods that try to keep the drone in the air after it has lost RC signal are not allowed.

Automatic modes

Horizon, angle, level and other stabilization (including GPS assist etc.) modes are not allowed. Anti-crash, turtle or similar modes which are meant to either stop the «spin of death» after hitting an obstacle or flip drone after a crash are allowed but use of these can be limited by the assigned judge if drone is deemed not fit for flight.